FNF East London Families Need Fathers : Documents to view

The following are the documents to view/download.
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Schools - Establishing contact with your children's school

An easy guide to establishing a good working relationship with your children's school. For single parents following separation or divorce
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Getting the best from your Safeguarding Check

How to make conduct a Safeguarding phone call from CAFCASS
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Contact Manual

How to get parenting opportunities and make a success of your contact arrangements.

Can you help us improve this manual.... suggestions always welcome.
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Building a Better Future

A course that will help you come to terms with your new life following separation.
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How to write Parenting Plan

A detailed parenting plan to help you decide what would be best for your children
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Parenting Course Starts Sept 2017

A 12 week, court recognised, parenting course, Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities. An opportunity to decide best how to re-establish contact with your kids and manage yours and your children's lives after separation or divorce..
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How to fill in a C79 (Enforcement Application)

A Dummy C79 form with all the appropriate bits filled in. It would be unwise to complete this application without taking advice from your local FNF branch members.
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How to develop a relationship with an unreasonable ex

These slides slides represent the outcome of discussions in our parenting course. Can you help improve them??
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Why Arguements Don't Work

The main reasons why arguing will not resolve differences between separated parents
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Some difficult questions and suggested answers

Suggests for those all so difficult questions following a period of parental absence.
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What not to say

Some conversation stoppers you should avoid when talking with your ex.
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Solution Building Flow Chart

How to solve problems and avoid losing your temper. A flow chart to help chilldren and adults
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How to avoid and argument

Arguing avoids action. Find out how to move on
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How to write your first Position Statement

Essential guidance for Litigants in Person.
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That Difficult First Letter

A suggestion to get you started
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