FNF-East London Families Need Fathers : Meetings Dates For 2017

The following are the meetings that are to occur in 2017. Click here to contact us with any queries.

London meetings London meetings
These meetings held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 18:30 Meetings are yet to be defined - Please call for more information
Venue : Unit C5, 3 Bradbury St, , London, N16 8JN Venue : Helping Hands, 42 Balaam St, London, E13 8AQ

12th January 2017
26th January 2017
9th February 2017
23rd February 2017
9th March 2017
13th April 2017
27th April 2017
11th May 2017
25th May 2017
8th June 2017
22nd June 2017
12th July 2017
27th July 2017
9th August 2017
10th August 2017
24th August 2017
13th September 2017
14th September 2017
28th September 2017
11th October 2017
8th November 2017
13th December 2017
3rd May 2017
7th June 2017
5th July 2017
2nd August 2017
6th September 2017
4th October 2017
1st November 2017
6th December 2017
Telephone : 07931 905002 or 07943 054258
Email : eastlondon@fnf.org.uk

At the meetings, there is a general review on the previous month, then members and non-members are given their opportunity to voice personal or otherwise views & experiences. Help and advice is given when appropriate. Guest speakers are welcome. At 9pm, a number of us pop to a nearby watering hole for a relaxing and uncomplicated chat/pint.


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